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TV Shows to Learn English


Watching shows and films in English will improve your language skills but it is also entertaining.

I recommend watching these shows with Spanish subtitles to begin with just to get used to the accents and pronunciations. Eventually, you can change to English subtitles and then no subtitles at all!!

So here´s a few shows i recommend because they are fun, interesting or can easily get you hooked on them.

If you like comedy there is:

  • The Big Bang Theory (for more advanced students because of the scientific language)
  • How I Met Your Mother (fun and addictive)
  • Friends (classic)
  • Sex and the City or Girls (for the ladies)Tv shows
  • Some of these shows are only 25 minutes so one a day or 3 a week are easy to do.
  • If you prefer drama here´s a few!
  • Lost (cult classic, highly addictive)
  • Downton Abbey (it can´t all be American English)
  • Game of Thrones (learn English words that don´t even exist!)
  • Breaking Bad
  • Sons of Anarchy
  • True Blood (humour and blood)
  • Castle
  • Bones
  • CSI

If you pick one show and continue to watch it, your English will improve while you´re just sitting and relaxing!!


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