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Second Conditional


One of the best ways to learn the second conditional is by listening to Beyonce´s “If I were a Boy”.

Here´s a video with lyrics:

…If I were (past tense) a boy, I would roll out of bed.
Now, why do we use this clause.. Well, we know Beyonce is definitely not a boy so she is using the second conditional to talk about a hypothetical situation.
Just like saying, if I won the lottery, I’d buy a house… winning the lottery is so unlikely that it is considered a hypothetical situation.

Quick review:

  • 0conditional talks about facts: if it rains, the streets get wet.
  • 1stconditional talks about likely situations: if I study hard, I will pass.
  • 3rdconditional talks about past situations: if I had gone to the party, I would have seen my friends

So next time you can’t remember how to use the second conditional just sing…. If I were a boyyyyyyy……..



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