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Improve your English Skills


improve your skills

Dear students,

TO improve your English skills it´s necessary to distiguish whether the word is functioning as a verb or as a noun in the sentence. There are a mulitude of examples of such words that can be both a verb and a noundepending upon its usage and context. Please review this list:

  • to act / an act
  • to base / a base
  • to call / a call

Create example sentences for yourself to understand their differences despite the fact that they are spelled the same.

Usually the accent of the word changes of these verb-nouns have more than one syllable. See these examples:

  • to conFLICT / a CONflict
  • to proTEST / a PROtest
  • to reBEL / a REbel


Here is an article for for advanced students:


I hope that this language focus helps you to understand and use English better!

Andy Travis

English Professor


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