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I’m calling in sick: We are going to learn how to tell someone that you can’t go because you are sick.

Vocabulary preview:

Quite ill: I’m very sick

The flu: It’s a virus or sickness, stronger than a cold, also called influenza.



  • Hi, i’m Borja, how may I help you?
  • Hi, Silvia here
  • Hi Silvia, how are you?
  • Actually, i’m feeling quite ill today
  • I’m sorry to hear that, what’s wrong?
  • I think i’m coming down with the flu. I have a headache, a sore throat, a runny nose, and i’m feeling slightly feverish
  • I see…. So you’re calling in sick?
  • Yes, I was hoping to take the day off to recover.
  • Ok! Then, try and get some rest…

Vocabulary review:

Headache: My head hurts, I have a sore head. If you Prerink too much or you have a cold, you have a headache.

Sore throat: My throat is hurting (sore means it hurts). Maybe you are a dressmaker and your arm hurts, so you can say, I have a sore arm, a sore neck, etc.

Runny nose: Doesn’t mean your nose is running, it means a lot of water is coming out of your nose.


How dirty? John’s weeping and wiping his runny nose on his sleeve.

I’ve been sick with it for about 2 weeks…, first week yucky and runny nose, but it got worse in the second week.

Slightly feverish: It’s a feeling of your body being very hot or feeling like having a fever.

Recover: To get better from sickness (in context with sickness).

Phrases: “I’m coming down with” means starting to get sick, i’m begining to feel sick.

“Calling in sick” means you inform you can’t go to work because you’re sick.

My throat really hurts, I think i’m coming down with cold.
You have a runny nose, are you coming down with the flu?

I’m not feeling well, I think i’m coming down with something

Common expressions:

I feel faint/dizzy

I have an earache

I’m sneezing

I feel full/congested. You can use full if you had a prettty nice meal but also if you feel congested.

I have a problem with my tooth, I have a cavity (a hole).

I have a fever.

I was choping vegetables and I cut myself by accident, I’m bleeding.

If you hurt yourself and later on you get a mark, well, that’s a bruise. You can get a bruise anywhere (on your arm, etc.)

If you ate too much and you feel like a baloon, then you feel bloated. Example: Everytime I eat lentils they make me bloated.


I have cramps (If you’re a woman, when you have your period or menstrual cycle, you have pain, that’s called cramps).

If you have a cold, you cough (pronunciation goes like “cof”).

Hey, you have hiccups! (hipo).

If you drink too quickly, you burp (eructar)

Farting-guyYou’re farting, that’s disgusting!

Depending on what you’re eating, you could get some diarrhea. I’m watering out the bump, I have diarrhea. The opposite is constipation, you want to go to the toilet but you can’t.

-Oh, I have a headache!

-Hey, just take an aspirin

-Do you have hiccups? Drink water upside down!

-If you’re bleeding, but a bandaid on.

More vocabulary:

  • clinic
  • co-payment
  • doctor’s office
  • examination room
  • health insurance
  • Hospital
  • medical condition
  • medical exam
  • medical history
  • medicine
  • nurse
  • patient
  • prescription
  • side effects
  • symptoms
  • consult a doctor
  • get a shot
  • make an appointment
  • take your temperature





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