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take off, put on, or run into


Try these exercises to see if you understand: take off, put on, or run into

1. She ________ the coat ________ before she went outside.
2. They ____ __ a new opera, that was very successful.
3. Luke was driving too fast and he ____ ___ a tree.
4. Have you ____ ___ Frank lately?
5. Did you ____ it ___ the table?
7. I need to ______ some time _____ work, while my grandmother is visiting.
8. Please _____ ____ your shoes before coming in.
9. I _____ the money ____ the table when no one was looking.
10. Our plane _____ ___ three hours late because of a mechanical problem.

Rewrite these sentences using the correct phrasal verb. 
1. The plane is leaving the ground.
2. I unexpectedly saw my cousin at the football game.
3. You almost hit a light post when you were driving the car too fast.
4. My mother attached her name-tag on her shirt before the meeting.
5. I removed my shirt before I got in the shower.
6. After my shower I dressed in a new shirt.

Put the object in parentheses in the correct place: 
1. She put on (her coat, the rack)
2. I took off (my shoes)
3. I took off (it)
4. Paul ran into (a tree)
5. Luke ran into (her, at the grocery store)


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